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Predictive Maintenance
Actionable Insights
IoT + AI


Predict the Unpredictable

86% of maintenance is scheduled unnecessarily or too late, this changes today!  Our solution is laser focused at giving you simple clear insights that you don’t need technical training to understand.

Cut Downtime

When your facility has unplanned downtime you lose money, we hate this 

Increase Efficiency

When you know the root cause you can replicate the good and remove the bad

Unlock Insights

You no longer have to guess or ask what’s happening at your facility

Built For Management

We have entirely re-imagined how maintenance is conducted, focusing on management. Existing preventative maintenance solutions rely on providing raw data for hard to find and expensive technicians to manually analyse. We remove that whole layer of complexity, focusing on delivering simple, actionable alerts to potential machinery problems.

Market Problem



Only highly trained engineers (humans) understand what machines are saying



Data is only collected periodically and problems can be missed 


No insight and isolated from the whole organisation 


Our Solution

We have a plug and play industry 4.0 solution utilising both a physical component to wirelessly monitor vibrations from any machine with moving components and send the data to the cloud.  In the cloud we analyse the data to diagnose the status of the machines health and remaining useful life (RUL).

Understanding When Machines Fail

With our industry 4.0 IoT vibration sensors we are able to detect and diagnose machine faults weeks before they happen.

Cross Vertical

Our solution is cross vertical. Our sensors are able to be deployed on any type of machinery, no matter which industry. 

Subscription Model (OpEx)

$0 Upfront

Zero upfront costs, by using a subscription model we have removed the high upfront capital (CapEx) costs

Start Small

We let you start with as many or as few sensors as you want  allowing you to test and learn almost risk free

Prove ROI

From a small pilot program, you can prove the Return On Investment to organisation

Scale Up

Once you have empowered your workforce with actionable insights, we can help you expand exponentially 

Investors & Accelerators

Partners & Collaborations 

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Lets see what we can build together.

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